Frequently Asked Questions

What hours are you open?
Monday - Saturday : 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM
Sunday : 9 AM - 4 PM

Can I go overseas and leave my goods long term?
Yes, we have many customers who have been away for years and have come back to find their belongings in perfect condition. Check with us for special rates for long term.

Do I have to give notice that I wish to terminate my storage?
Not necessary but it helps us and other customers if you can give us some warning.

Can I book space ahead?
Yes, there is no charge provided it is not too long.

What happens if I underestimate the amount of space I need?
If we cannot immediately rent you a bigger storage unit, we will normally be able to give you extra space at the same rate.

Do not store flammable liquids or paint.
Do empty your lawn mower of petrol.
Do empty your washing machine of water.
Do clean out your frig and freezer and store with doors a jar if possible.
Do not store food.

Cartons: Go easy on your back. Hold weight of all packing cartons under 30 pounds. With marking pen, list contents of each carton on the side.

Appliances: Defrost refrigerator. Empty all water out. Tape all appliance doors shut when moving. Wedge doors open in storage. Secure all movable parts with paper or wedge. Wrap a paper pad around each item for protection. Always clean your stove before moving it.


Such as old paint, cleaning fluids, gasoline, etc. Make certain all fuel is drained or burned out of gasoline powered equipment. Throw away anything that could possibly cause fire. Do not store food in open containers or any item which could attract rodents or pests.

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